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Indicators of Radon in Homes

Radon refers to a colorless and unscented chemical element that makes radioactive atoms in the air we breathe. Research has shown that approximately 14% of lung cancer emanates from exposure to radon more. Now, we are aware of the fact that radon is dangerous but if it isn’t visible, how can one protect himself from it. Make sure you read on to know how to tell when your home is invaded with radon and the potential signs of radon in your wellbeing info.

First, we look at the indicators of radon. It is notoriously hard to discover radon signs in the house without employing particular equipment. The two major ways that radon finds its way in homes are through the rock or soil under your home or via the water supply. You need to start by looking at your basement and the entire entryways for cracks in the floors and walls. This is not the perfect examination because there are many other things that can cause breaks in the walls plus floors. Besides, you can get radon in homes with no cracks in the entryways.

Radon symptoms are the next on this list. Radon poisoning can result in a broad range of health problems. Several individuals come to realize that there are high levels of dangerous radon after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Other indicators of radon exposure to watch out for are fatigue, chest pain, frequent lung infections, a persistent cough, weight loss, ad wheezing. Similar to the signs to watch out for in your dwelling, radon is not the sole cause of these signs learn. Hence, testing your home is the mere definitive solution.

You could be asking how to identify radon. You have two alternatives when testing for radon: short-term and long-standing tests. Since radon levels can change, you should utilize both. Start by examining the floor in your home that is frequently used. You need to contact radon testing companies to have them do tests. Any levels of radon at 4 pCi/L or higher implies it is time to take another step. There are many ways of counteracting radon from your home. A radon mitigation method will lessen the levels in your property by taking out air from the soil and directing it from your home. One instant thing to do is to increase the flow in your home. Make sure you open all the windows as well as employ fans to flow the air this.

You should find out whether radon levels in your home are high and if yes, do the needful click.